KAIST uses Series 1780 for UAS Research

KAIST is the first and top science research university in Korea located in Deajeon. The RCbenchmark team is proud to see KAIST's Aerospace System and Control Laboratory equipped with the most powerful test stand of the RCbenchmark Series 1780 product line. 

Series 1780 - 75 Coaxial used by KAIST
RCbenchmark Series 1780 Coaxial thrust stand in the KAIST laboratory

“KAIST ASCL lab. is developing unmanned/manned aerial vehicle. For these days, we are interested in large scaled aircraft.
For the large scaled drones, it is necessary to measure the motor identity such as thrust, torque, rpm, current, etcs.
Series 1780-Coaxial model is the most suitable test bench to get the motor identity with large thrusted motors for heavy drones.
The major advantages of Series 1780-75kg Coaxial model are as below:
  • All the measurement parts are provided with one integrated software-hardware package. There is no need to consider about the sensor communication.
  • It is possible to measure the various synchronized data (thrust, torque, current, RPM, etc...) with a simple procedure.
  • It is possible to monitor the measuring data in real-time with the provided intuitive-GUI.
  • Support various motor models with the universally-made motor mount.
  • Possibility to use provided scripts for automated measurement, and to customize the scripts if needed.
  • Includes the functions about safety such as voltage cut and emergency stop. 
We will keep using the Series 1780-75kgf Coaxial model for the various projects.
Thank you for all the kind supports.”


 Hyungjoo Ahn - ASCL laboratory of KAIST

ASCL Kaist lab logo

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