Offshore Aviation Identifies Underperforming Motors with the Series 1780

Offshore Aviation is a Veteran Owned, USA based small business and innovator that designs and manufactures UAS systems for government and industry inspection, agriculture and crop monitoring, 3D mapping, surveillance, surveying and cargo delivery.

Offshore Aviation is building their newest aircraft, the OA-2H Manticore, a 260lbs Octocopter VTOL plane. It’s for cargo delivery of up to 55lbs with an 8-10 hour flight time. We are using the 1780 75kgf coaxial stand to get motor performance figures in the coaxial configuration to program into the flight controller. 

OA-2H Manticore heavy lift drone

When setting up a professional VTOL aircraft it is very important to ensure that the thrust curve of your VTOL motors is as linear as possible. The 1780 is perfect for accurately measuring the true thrust for your motor/ESC/propeller combination as you vary the throttle, thereby allowing us to adjust the expo value along with the endpoints so that the thrust between the endpoints is linear.  This will give us more precise motor responses for better flight performance. 

After our initial motor test runs we found that at slightly above half throttle we were hitting the motor’s rated Wattage and RPM limits. This is a new motor and ESC that was designed and built for this aircraft. We will work with the manufacturer to correct any issues, perform further testing to better tune this setup and test the limits of the components. Without the 1780 test stand we would have never known this information before moving onto actual flight testing and it could have resulted in a bad mishap if the motors failed due to overstress or overheating.

Robert Hicks
Offshore Aviation LLC 

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