SkyDrive Inc. Uses RCbenchmark Series 1780

skydrive cargo drone

Figure 1: SkyDrive's Cargo Drone Equipped with Eight Motors and Propellers

SkyDrive is a Japanese company based in Tokyo. Their business started in 2018 with the ambition of developing the first manned eVTOL or commonly called by the SkyDrive team, “Flying car”. Few weeks ago, the world had the opportunity to experience their first manned test flight in their impressiveSD-03 eVTOL aircraft

Along with their manned eVTOL, the SkyDrive team has developed a heavy-lifting shipping drone called “CargoDrone”. This drone is fully electric and capable of flying 15 minutes with a 30 kg payload. It uses a propulsion system with 4 coaxial rotors for a total of 8 propellers and motors. Here is a video of the CargoDrone in action.

The CargoDrone’s propulsion system has been tested with the RCbenchmark Series 1780 Coaxial. Here is a comment from Takuya Nemoto, engineer from Skydrive in charge of the flight control system development: 

“Our company SkyDrive is developing eVTOL and Heavy Drone. 
We are using the Series 1780 Coaxial test stand. It has been very useful for the development of our product, the CargoDrone, and its components. 
The software GUI is easy to use and the automatic control feature has been very helpful for our tests. We are mainly using the tool to optimize geometry, size, and test the drone’s components. Members of RCbenchmark are also very kind and we can consult them easily. 
We will keep using the Series 1780 for our tests. Thank you for all your support!”

Takuya Nemoto, Engineer - SkyDrive Inc.

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