Talyn Air Uses Series 1780 for eVTOL Project

Talyn Air eVTOL prototype
Talyn Air eVTOL Prototype

Talyn Air is working on an exciting and promising eVTOL design: the first two-vehicle, fully electric vertical takeoff and landing system that separates and recombines in the air. The design allows each vehicle to operate at peak efficiency with 0 wasted energy. See their interesting concept on this page

As part of their project, Talyn Air’s team is using our RCbenchmark Series 1780 test stand:

“The 1780 test stand was shipped with very clear and detailed assembly instructions, allowing us to run a successful test sequence on the same day we received the hardware! 

With the 1780, we are able to skip the headaches and move straight into gathering the data we needed to make good engineering decisions. I would highly recommend the 1780 as well as the very responsive customer service we received from RCBenchmark!”

Evan Mucasey

CTO, Talyn Air

Talyn Air Logo

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