Zepher Flight Labs' Thrust Stand Upgrade

Aerospace manufacturer Zepher Flight Labs is specialized in engineering services, working with companies such as Insitu, a Boeing company, to help them deliver their UAVs launchers. 

The Z-Lab has been using the RCbenchmark Series 1780 in their projects, and here’s what they say about it:

“We previously used in-house constructed power and thrust stands, but they were far from an ideal solution. Collecting a data set involving both thrust and efficiency was a laborious process.

With the 1780, we can get instantaneous thrust and efficiency readings. This allows us to test many possible combinations of motors, propellers, and ESC's with high confidence in the data's accuracy. RCbenchmark was also kind enough to write some custom test scripts for us.

Over time, the purchase of this equipment will save us money by increasing our efficiency and enabling us to do more advanced tests that we would have otherwise hired a consultant to do.”

Rob Coatney

Aerospace Engineer, Zepher Flight Labs

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