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Research Papers

Below is a chronological list of some of the research that has been performed using our test equipment.


Modeling and validation of electric multirotor unmanned aerial vehicle system energy dynamics

N Michel, P Wei, Z Kong, AK Sinha, X Lin - eTransportation, 2022 - Elsevier
Electric Vertical-Take-Off-and-Landing aircraft has been emerging as a revolutionary transportation mode. A major limiting factor for unmanned and manned applications is the energy …

Investigation of Rotor Efficiency with Varying Rotor Pitch Angle for a Coaxial Drone

KET Giljarhus, A Porcarelli, J Apeland - Drones, 2022 - mdpi.com
The experiments are performed on a RCbenchmark Series 1780 dynamometer and thrust stand. The experimental setup is shown in Figure 8. The rotors used are T-MOTOR G28x9.2 …

Design of Rotary Wings with Passive Mitigation of Coherent Tip Vortex Roll-Up

D Yu, PJ Ansell - AIAA SCITECH 2022 Forum, 2022 - arc.aiaa.org
… was supplied to the ESC by a Keysight N5700 series power supply, and throttle commands were sent to the ESC in the form of pulse width modulation signals from a Tyto Robotics …

Experimental and Numerical Study of Novel Coanda-Based Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

ZF Siddiqi - 2022 - search.proquest.com
First, a commercially available thruststand manufactured by RCBenchmark® is selected for the pilot study. This selection is based on the low-cost of the system (~$500), compact design …

Aerodynamic Analysis of V-Shaped Flight Formation of Flapping-Wing Drones: Analytical and Experimental Studies

J Martinez-Ponce, C Urban, SF Armanini… - AIAA SCITECH 2022 …, 2022 - arc.aiaa.org
The flapping mechanism is attached to an RCbenchmark series 1520 thrust stand. The RCbenchmark software is versatile and contains capabilities needed to carry out the …

A computational and experimental study on aerodynamics of motor-driven propellers using thrust stand and rotating cup anemometer

Z Siddiqi, JW Lee - Progress in Computational Fluid …, 2022 - inderscienceonline.com
… thrust-stand designs, the authors selected the RCbenchmark® Series 1580 thrust stand for this study (Series 1580 Thrust Stand and Dynamometer –RCbenchmark, no date).

What is A Wireless UAV? a design blueprint for 6G flying wireless nodes

J Buczek, L Bertizzolo, S Basagni… - Proceedings of the 15th …, 2022 - dl.acm.org
To determine the nonlinear relationship between the motors’ input power and the motors’ generated thrust, we preformed a static motor thrust analysis using an RCBenchmark Series …

The influence of rotor downwash on spray distribution under a quadrotor unmanned aerial system

M Coombes, S Newton, J Knowles… - Computers and Electronics …, 2022 - Elsevier
This paper investigates how sprays are influenced by rotor downwash produced by a quadrotor Unmanned Aerial System when crop spraying. Computational Fluid Dynamics …

Applying an Icing Wind Tunnel for Drone Propeller Research, Validation of New Measurement Instrument

P Suurnäkki, T Jokela, M Tiihonen - New Developments and …, 2022 - Springer
The instrument was a commercial Series 1585 propeller dynamometer from RCbenchmark. This commercial product got an in-house modification. Main part of the modification was …

การ พัฒนา ระบบ ควบคุม การ บิน สำหรับ อากาศยาน ไร้ คน ขับ แบบ ปรับ เอียง ใบพัด ได้ ใน ช่วง การ บิน เปลี่ยน เฟส

ส รั ล สกุล ทอง - sutir.sut.ac.th
แท่นวัดแรงขับ RCbenchmark Series 1585 การวัดแรงขับของมอเตอร์ด้วยเครื่องวัดแรงขับ 

Low-Cost Quadrotor Micro-Aerial Vehicle

A Agarwal - 2022 - digital.wpi.edu
The objective of this project was to design and construct a low-cost quadrotor micro-aerial vehicle (MAV) with a multi-sensor payload capable of indoor flight using localization by a …

Lifting Line Framework for Optimization of Rotary Wing Systems

Y Patel, PJ Ansell - AIAA SCITECH 2022 Forum, 2022 - arc.aiaa.org
The thrust stand featured an aluminum frame assembly, a strain-gauge measurement system for thrust and torque measurements (Tyto Robotics Series 1585 test stand), an optical RPM …


Performance Analysis of Rotorcraft Propulsion Units in a Combination of Wind and Icing Conditions

G Catry, O Ceyhan, F Noca, N Bosson… - AIAA AVIATION 2021 …, 2021 - arc.aiaa.org
The propulsion units to be tested are mounted on a test stand (Series 1585) provided by RCbenchmark by Tyto Robotics Inc. ∗ , which consists of a two-axis force balance capable of …

Large Scale Low Speed Wind Tunnel

T Nygaard - 2021 - commons.und.edu
A propeller test stand has been purchased from Tyto Robotics which will enable the testing. An open-source data acquisition software is available from Tyto Robotics that allows for …

Development of 650mm Unmanned Drone for Greenhouse

B Yim, M Cheon - Review of International Geographical Education Online, 2021 - rigeo.org
A RCbenchmark GUI program (RCbenchmark, Tyto Robotics Inc. Canada) was used to analyze thrust characteristics. Revolution Per Minute (RPM), thrust, and current consumption …

Experimental Investigation of Tolerance for Icing of Small RPAS Propellers at High RPM

A Benmeddour - AIAA AVIATION 2021 FORUM, 2021 - arc.aiaa.org
The thrust stand consists of an RCBenchmark (Tyto Robotics Inc.) (Ref.9) Series 1580 Dynamometer, a Turnigy Aerodrive SK3-5055-380KV brushless outrunner electric motor and a …

Evaluación del desempeño de hélices comerciales de un micro vehículo no tripulado a partir de diferentes grados de rotación con respecto a una corriente de viento …

JJ Rodriguez Sanchez - repositorio.uniandes.edu.co
Este trabajo se enfoca el la evaluación del desempeño de dos hélices comerciales de micro vehículos no tripulados afectando su comportamiento a medida que se les rota de …

Simulation for Development and Validation of Drone for Inspection Inside Boilers in High Temperature Thermal Power Plants Using AirSim

SK Park, JS Jeong, HY Shi… - Journal of the Korean …, 2021 - koreascience.or.kr
This paper is a preliminary study for the development of a drone for inspection inside a boiler in a thermal power plant, which is a high-temperature environment, and validated whether …

Virtual Motor Torque Sensing for Multirotor Propulsion Systems

B Theys, J De Schutter - IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 2021 - ieeexplore.ieee.org
This letter presents a method to sense motor torque of multirotors in steady state, without additional torque sensors by using the measured input voltage, throttle setting and rotational …

Utvärdering av varierande stigning för implementation inom flygplansdrönare

F Somi, M Walldén - 2021 - odr.chalmers.se
Den data som uppmäts av testriggen kommer som nämnt tidigare in i programmet RCbenchmark. Programmet ger därefter ut data i grafer inom programmet samt producerar filer som …

A Numerical Analysis of a Multirotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Propeller Blade to Characterize the Aerodynamic Performance and Study the Turbulence Effects …

VH Martinez - 2021 - search.proquest.com
The use of the RCBenchmark allowed to obtain thrust and torque measurements accurately for specific RPM. The principle of use of the RCBenchmark 1580 system is divided in 4 …

Sensitivity Study of Design Parameters for a Fuel Cell Powered Multirotor Drone

J Apeland, DG Pavlou, T Hemmingsen - Journal of Intelligent & Robotic …, 2021 - Springer
The experimental data is collected using an RCbenchmark 1780 series thrust stand (right)...www.rcbenchmark.com. Accessed Sept 2020 …

Quadcopters Testing Platform for Educational Environments

U Veyna, S Garcia-Nieto, R Simarro, JV Salcedo - Sensors, 2021 - mdpi.com
This work focuses on the design and construction of an experimental test bench of three degrees of freedom with application in educational environments. It is constituted by a …

Optimization of blade profiles for a coaxial drone

A Ghaffari - 2021 - uis.brage.unit.no
The experimental values are collected with the test rig of an RCBenchmark-controlled coaxial rotor thrust stand. RCBenchmark enables the operator to regulate percent change in the …

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