Otus Quadcoper and Otus Tracker Project will be Discontinued.

Starting Monday, October 21st, 2019, we will discontinue the Otus Tracker and Otus Quadcopter product line. Leftover inventory will still be available on our website. We are also going to keep parts and replacements available for our clients for at least one year, and we will continue to support all our products and software.

With the demand for thrust measurement equipment and development quadcopters growing quickly every year, we realized we had to make a choice. It is difficult to focus on two product lines at the same time for any small to medium size organization. We decided to put all our resources in developing new thrust stands with larger capacity and new capabilities.

Thank you to all the users of the Otus Tracker and Quadcopter! We will continue to support you and your products for the upcoming year.

If you are developing or manufacturing drones, motors, or propellers, you can look forward to new equipment coming out soon!

Archived Otus Quadcopter Page

Archived Otus Tracker Page