Avetics Brings Tyto Technology to Singapore

Singapore: Avetics Global will be bringing first class drone testing technology to Singapore as Tyto Robotics' exclusive distributor in the country. The company is an ideal collaborator, bringing seven years of experience and extensive knowledge of the regional drone industry to the partnership.

Avetics Global self-describes as a “a drone solutions company” with a key focus on end-to-end drone services for industrial spaces. They use their own customized drones to offer services such as 2D/3D mapping, building inspections, aerial videography and much more. They are a growing company with plans to enhance their services and R&D projects while maintaining their commitment to safety, professionalism and customer service.

The partnership comes at an ideal time as numerous Singaporean companies are coming forward with groundbreaking ideas that could change the landscape of the regional drone industry. With an expansion in drone activity comes a need for more testing and optimization across the board. The propulsion test stands and Windshapers offered by Tyto Robotics will help to fill this need, making the Singaporean drone industry safer and more efficient.

With both partners committed to advancing drone technology and efficiency, this collaboration stands to benefit the Singaporean drone industry for both manufacturers and users.

For product inquiries in Singapore, interested parties can contact team@avetics.com. For other product inquiries contact sales@tytorobotics.com or visit www.tytorobotics.com.

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