Series 1520 Thrust Stand Bundle

$ 193.00 USD

This bundle includes the Series 1520 thrust stand and one optical RPM probe.

The Series 1520 is a simple and affordable thrust stand with a USB interface and powerful software for automated control and data-logging. It is the ideal tool for optimizing the performance of drones and robots.

This tool is rated for motors and propellers generating thrusts up to 5 kgf (11 lbf).

Note: unlike the Series 1580 dynamometer, it does not measure torque. This tool is perfect if you need thrust vs. RPM data, but it will not allow you to record the motor and propeller efficiency individually.

The Series 1520 includes an electrical RPM sensor, but it may be incompatible with your specific motor/ESC/voltage combination. The Optical RPM probe solves this problem, accurately and reliably measuring motor rotation speed.

Depending on the width of your motor, you can adjust the position of the optical RPM probe with a combination of spacers.


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