Education kit components

RCbenchmark Series 1580/1585 Education Kit

Discover propulsion testing with this drone education kit

The education kit includes the RCbenchmark Series 1580/1585 test stand, five propellers, two brushless motors, one ESC, one security cage, and the RCbenchmark software.

In addition, we offer two custom-made laboratory coursewares that will guide students through the theory of brushless motors and propellers. 

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RCbenchmark STEM Education Kit

The kit includes everything you need to learn about brushless motor and propeller theory

Test Stand

Motor mounted on front of test stand


5 propellers laid out

Brushless motors

2 brushless motors


RCbenchmark electronic speed controller (ESC)

Safety cage

Safety cage box

Control Software

Icon indicating software
RCbenchmark Tools for Engineering Students
Learn about motors and propellers for drones

Our tools are easy to use and perfect for laboratory classes. We offer an entire testing kit for students who are interested in learning about how drones work.

The kit comes with two laboratory coursewares to guide students through the process of testing different motors and propellers. They will first set up the test stand and record their data using the RCbenchmark software. Once the data is recorded, students will be guided through the analysis process to find out which motor-propeller combination is the most efficient.

Two Lab Coursewares to Learn How a Quadcopter Works

Coursewares include lab instructions, safety guidelines and practice questions

Get the Lab Coursewares
Learn About Motor Theory
How can you measure the torque of a motor?

The first courseware comprehensively explains motor concepts such as motor efficiency, electromagnetic force, Kirchhoff's laws and how to find the Kv of your motor.

Students will discover the concept of motor efficiency by comparing test data from different motors using the Series 1580/1585 test stand.

Education kit components
Education kit components
Learn About Propeller Theory
How can you calculate propeller thrust?

The second courseware teaches students about propeller theory concepts. They will measure data including propeller thrust and torque, current, voltage, RPM, mechanical and electrical power, and propeller and motor efficiency.

They will analyze this data and compare the thrust and the efficiency of different propellers. This concept will help them understand how propeller efficiency is affected by the pitch, diameter, material, and design of their propellers.

Safety First for Your Lab Class

RCbenchmark Security Cage
Tested with real motors and propellers

Safety is our top priority. To ensure students' safety, our engineering team has tested the security cage provided in the education kit. The security cage can resist a propeller exploding at full throttle, which makes it very safe for use in the lab.