Discontinued Otus Tracker

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Otus tracker with USB connection

Otus Tracker

Motion capture for drones and UAVs

The ultra light OTUS tracks an object’s position and orientation with sub-millimeter precision, high refresh rate (250 Hz), and very low latency. Optimized for indoors UAVs and robots, the tracker weighs under 60 g.

Hardware Specifications

Otus quadcopter with tracker

*Quadcopter not included

Fast, light, precise and accurate


0.5 mm

Up to

13 Quadcopters

Refresh rate

250 Hz

Tracking area

5 m x 5 m x 5 m

Download Datasheet

Develop Better, More Precise UAVs

Stream data in real time for control and analysis. Control the drone positon, velocity, attitude or angular rate through code, or use a regular transmitter for precise position hold.

UAV controlled with position feedback. Example of a step velocity input.

Diagram of the Otus tracker's measurement ability

Setup Almost Anywhere

Motion capture for drones and UAVs.

You only need two small base stations, a laptop and your trackers. Setup in 5 minutes and start tracking! The base stations have a wide 120° field of view, which allows you to maximize tracking space in smaller rooms.

Simple Yet Powerful Software

Stream, record and visualize motion in real-time

Stream pose data in real time for control and analysis. External communication with any software supporting UPD communication. Plugins and examples are available for Python, C++, C, Matlab®, ROS and more.

Screen shot of Otus tracker software

Develop Faster and Better
with Motion Capture

Close up of Otus tracker on quadcopter