RCbenchmark Propeller Test Stands

Improve the performance and efficiency of your propeller

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Designed for Propeller Testing

Improve your propeller design

Our test stands characterize your propellers and provide you with the data you need to select the most efficient design. Our tools support propellers up to 70" in diameter producing up to 75 kgf of thrust.

Xoar propellers and caps

Series 1585 - for Propellers up to 16"

Test variable pitch propellers

Our propeller test stands support servo motors in order to test different propeller pitches. You can plug in up to 3 servo motors and test any kind of propeller: two-bladed, three-bladed, fixed, or variable pitch. You can control both the pitch and the RPM to study and optimize different flight configurations. 

Discover the RCbenchmark Series 1585 - Small Test Stand

Series 1780 - for Propellers up to 70"

Measure propeller torque and thrust

The RCbenchmark test stand allows you to measure thrust, torque, RPM, current, and voltage. The software then computes the remaining variables for you: mechanical power, electrical power and most importantly, propeller efficiency.

The propeller efficiency depends on the pitch, diameter, profile, and material of your propeller. Testing your propellers in real conditions with a professional propeller test stand will allow you to measure your propeller's efficiency and iterate your design to make high-quality propellers. 

Discover the RCbenchmark Series 1780 - Large Test Stand
Large Xoar propeller
Propeller efficiency vs. thrust graph

Propeller Efficiency vs. Thrust

Control your stand and record your data with the RCbenchmark software

Many different kinds of analysis can be performed with our tools. For example, you can compare different propellers to find which diameter, pitch, material or blade number is most efficient with your motor. Or you can test and compare different propeller efficiencies to find out which one is the most efficient for a specific generated thrust.

The test stand can be programmed for automatic testing if you want to gather a large amount of repeatable data. We have included a scripting capability directly in the software so that you can write your own scripts and automate your tests. This allows you to perform endurance tests or step tests with a simple sequence. A data sample can be recorded for every step, and you can play the sequence automatically as many times as required.

Series 1780 test stand with Xoar propeller

Controlled with Powerful Software

Manual or Automated Testing

The RCbenchmark software is used to control the test stand via direct USB connection to your laptop.

You can control the stand manually or automatically using custom scripts to perform your tests. Once your tests are done, you can export your results into a .csv file and start analyzing your data. 

Discover the RCbenchmark Software