Series 1520/1580/1585 - Enclosure

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The Series 1520/1580/1585 - Enclosure will be back in stock on January 2022.

To enhance safety in your facility, test the RCbenchmark Series 1520, Series 1580, or Series 1585 with an enclosure.

This enclosure is compatible with the Series 1520, Series 1580 and Series 1585. The thrust stand can be installed and isolated inside to minimize damage in case a propeller breaks during the test. It can also help to avoid operators from getting too close to the spinning propellers.

This product has been tested and proved safe for carbon and plastic propellers no larger than 16". It comes with an extension lower support to achieve extra height for the Series 1520, Series 1580 and Series 1585.

This video shows a real-time and slow-motion recording of a propeller exploding in the enclosure. 

The inner dimensions of the enclosure are 575 mm x 575 mm x 575 mm.

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