2 x 2 Windshaper Station

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This educational wind testing station is designed to study the effects of different wind profiles on motors, propellers, ESCs and batteries. 

This product includes:

  • Series 1580 Test Stand 
  • 2 x 2 Windshaper 

See full datasheet here

The Series 1580 is a test stand that measures thrust, torque, RPM, current and voltage. Additional sensors can be added to measure temperature and airspeed. The test stand is designed to study drone propulsion system performance in order to find the best motor/propeller combination for your aircraft. 

The Series 1580 comes fully equipped with the RCbenchmark software. You can control your ECS's throttle directly from the GUI and view your recorded data live. Once the data is recorded, you can easily export it to a .CSV file. Your tests will allow you to collect important information about propeller and motor efficiency as well as consumed power. The GUI features an easy to use scripting tab where you can use pre-written script to automate your tests or you can also write your own automated test scripts for truly custom testing. Click to learn more about the RCbenchmark software

The Educational Wind Tunnel is a 50x50 cm open wind tunnel. The wind generator is composed of 4 modules, each with 9 wind pixel fan units. Each wind pixels is equipped with 2 counter-rotating fans that can create a maximum flow speed of 16 m/s. The wind tunnel makes it possible to study the effects of different wind profiles on a drone's propulsion system.

The Educational Wind Tunnel comes fully equipped with the WindControl software. The software allows to fully and precisely control your wind tunnel with simple commands. You can manually select the wind pixels that you wish to activate or input a mathematical function to reproduce any steady or time-variable wind profile. You can also control your wind tunnel directly from a Python script using WindShape's Python 3.x control API.

For more information on the 2 x 2 Windshaper, see its datasheet here

If you require a larger or more customizable wind tunnel, check out our Custom Wind Facility.

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