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Our custom wind facilities are an alternative to traditional wind tunnels with high modularity in terms of shape, size and functionality. Facilities include a Windshaper, which are designed based on your unique testing needs, with many customization options such as curved surfaces, rain and fog production, landing phase simulation, filters to reduce turbulence, and more.

Each wind pixel in a Windshaper is independently controlled, allowing for precise simulation of flight conditions and unique wind profiles. This rigid control is ideal for replicating real-life scenarios such as turbulence, wind gusts, moving and stationary obstacles, changing terrain, and adverse weather.

Additional accessories can be added such as:

  • Motion capture system to study your drone's attitude in flight
  • Honeycomb and mesh grid filters to reduce undesired turbulence
  • Rainmaker to produce precipitation
  • Mechanical tilting system to pivot the fan array from 0° to 90°
  • Wind measurement tools

Use cases:

  • Performance in various wind profiles
  • VTOL transitions in flight
  • Fixed-wing profile optimization
  • Multi-copter control systems
  • Landing phase optimization
  • Drone failure effects (loss of GPS, motor, sensor etc...)
  • Turbulence limits
  • Waterproof testing

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