Power Supply for Motor / Propeller Testing 8 kW - 30 kW

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Conducting propulsion tests with large motors and propellers can require a lot of power, sometimes more than is available in a standard lab set-up. This is why we now offer large power supplies that can provide 4 kW, 8 kW, 15 kW or 30 kW of power.

These power supplies were developed specifically for powering test stands for propulsion testing. Power modules are customizable and can be used in parallel to meet specific voltage and amperage requirements.

Some of the benefits of these power supplies include:

  • Power supply continuity during long endurance tests without any interruption due to battery replacement or battery recharge
  • Limitation of charging cycles and therefore, preservation of the battery performance
  • Dramatic reduction of the fire risk typical of any storage system at the production/testing facility

These power supplies support two-phase (2 x 120Vac 50/60Hz) power.

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