Series 1780 Thrust Stand V2

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The Series 1780 Thrust Stand and Dynamometer: Test medium and large motors with propellers of up to 70" in diameter, generating thrusts of up to 75 kgf (165 lbf). With the coaxial version of the selected category, you can even test two motors and two propellers simultaneously.

This drone test stand includes our solid state technology for thrust and torque measurements. Our software can control your ESC and record autonomously while constantly monitoring for abnormal conditions.

First, choose the product's capacity from one of these three options: 25 kgf - 100 A, 40 kgf - 150 A or 75 kgf - 500 A. The values represent the maximum thrust and maximum continuous current.

Next, choose a configuration based on your testing needs:

  • Single-motor: supports single motor setup.
  • Ultimate coaxial: supports single motor, face-to-face coaxial, face-to-face offset motor and back-to-back coaxial setups.

Check out the Series 1780's homepage to learn more about each setup.

This product may include *:

  • Load measurement unit A and B **
  • Power and control console A and B
  • Mainboard, power adapter and USB cord
  • Optical RPM probes
  • Metal supports
  • Ground based support
  • Fasteners and hand-tools
  • Coaxial back-to-back special mount
  • User manual
  • Temperature probes ***
  • Pressure sensor for airspeed measurement ***

* Items and quantities may vary according to the variant selected.

** A and B represent motor/propeller side A, and motor/propeller side B (when a dual-motor configuration is selected).

*** These items are included with the 75 kgf version.

We offer Power Supply Units to help you power your tests when required.


Ground railing systems:

Ground rails are OPTIONAL but help to attach the Series 1780 to the ground. This product is only offered for the 25 kgf - 100 A and the 40 kgf - 150 A version. See the accessories section. Alternatively, you may fix the Series 1780 to your structure in the testing area.


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