Series 1780


Auto Control Script

I wanted to use the Auto-script control on my Series 1780 but it kept telling me there was a syntax error or there was no response from the motor
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  • The USB or power connector on my mainboard is broken.
  • I plugged the mainboard to my PC but it was not able to connect.
  • I have to flash the firmware everytime when I connect the mainboard to the PC.
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Power and Control Console

  • My component’s four-pin connector is broken.
  • I saw sparks on the power control console and my unit stopped measuring voltage and current.
  • I had a safety cut-off and found that the burst current reads -166 A even though the motor stops completely.
  • I have a wrong voltage reading.
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Load Measurement Unit

  • I see that the load cell installed in the structure is broken.
  • I had a safety cut-off during the test and the software said “Load cell overloaded”.
  • I had a safety cut-off before any tests and the software did not allow any manual control.
  • I heard the mainboard buzzing.
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Optical RPM Probe

  • My motor is spinning but I have no RPM reading.
  • I think I have a wrong RPM reading.
  • While my throttle holds at the same % and my motor seems rotating stably, my RPM reading is fluctuating.
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