Drone Test Stands for UAV Development

Test your drone and improve your performance

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Measure Drone Performance 

Thrust stands designed for all types of drones from quadcopters to eVTOL

Series 1580 drone test stand in enclosure

Small Drone Test Stand

For small to medium drones under 20 kg (44 lb)

The Series 1580 test stand can help you test small and medium sized quadcopters to find which components best suit your specific drone design.

A poor motor-propeller match can lead to an overall efficiency of <35%. At Tyto Robotics, we know that testing your drone's propulsion system is key to improving your efficiency and becoming a leader in this competitive market. 

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Large Drone Test Stand

Improve the performance of heavy-lift drones

Our Series 1780 test stand comes in three sizes: 25 kgf, 40 kgf, and 75 kgf. It can be used in a single motor or coaxial configuration.

It's crucial to choose the best motor, propeller, ESC and battery for your drone to achieve a competitive performance. The Series 1780 gathers key data that will help you save battery life and increase your payload.  

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coaxial drone test stand
Series 1780 coaxial motor test in enclosure

Improve Your Drone Design

Improve your drone's flight time, payload, reliability & efficiency through propulsion testing

Our test stands partner with premium data acquisition software to measure your system's performance. This data can be exported and/or viewed in real-time. 

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Direct Measurements:

  • Thrust
  • Torque
  • RPM
  • Current
  • Voltage

Derived Measurements:

  • Mechanical power
  • Electrical power
  • Propeller efficiency
  • Motor efficiency
  • System efficiency

Fixed-Wing Drone Testing

Extend drone flight time for long-duration missions

Fixed-wing drones can be tested with our test stands in combination with a WindShaper wind generator to evaluate overall efficiency.

We offer accessories to record the wind velocity as well as the temperature of your propulsion system. This can help you perform various analyses regarding your drone's aerodynamics in order to improve its flight time and reliability. 

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Military fixed-wing drone

Coaxial Drone Testing

Test coaxial rotors up to 75 kgf

The Series 1780 - Coaxial version allows you to test two propellers and motors simultaneously with up to 75 kgf of thrust per propeller (150 kgf in total).

The data acquisition software provided with the test stand allows you to characterize the motors and propellers individually as well as recording the general performance of the system.