Drone Testing

Testing your drone's motors and propellers can help you fly longer and farther

1580 thrust stand

Improve Drone Performance

Measure thrust, torque, RPM, voltage and current to derive your drone's motor efficiency, propeller efficiency, and overall efficiency.

Ways to Improve Your Design

  • Find the most efficient motor/ propeller combination
  • Choose lighter components with similar specs
  • Consider different coaxial rotor configurations
  • Mimic the operating environment in the test area (wind speed, temperature, humidity)
dep thrust stand
Small Drone Test Stand

Small Drone Thrust Stands

For small and medium drones under 20 kg (44 lb)

The Series 1585 thrust stand can help you find the best components for your drone and increase your efficiency by up to 200% or more.

Large Drone Thrust Stands

Measure up to 150 kgf and 150 Nm of torque

These tools are designed to characterize heavy lift drones, eVTOL and other large electric aircraft.

150 kgf thrust stand
dual motor thrust stand

Coaxial Drone Testing

For more realistic results

Many multicopters use coaxial rotors, so best practice is to perform tests in the same configuration.

Our tools allow for testing in coaxial configuration with minimal separation distance.