Endurance Testing

What, why and how you can explore the limits of your propulsion system

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Our thrust stands are built to handle long endurance tests in all kinds of conditions

flight stand pro with motor
flight stand pro with motor

What Kinds of Endurance Tests Can I Perform?


  • Thermal endurance test - test the performance of motors in a warm environment
  • Constant thrust test - use a proportional integral derivative (PID) script to study drone systems that hover at constant thrust for long periods
  • Icing endurance test - test propeller performance over time in a cold and humid environment
  • Mechanical endurance testing - continuous operation to determine which components will fail first and when
  • Flight replay - measure the endurance of a propulsion system on a specific flight path by inputting a list of PWM values into the software
  • Fatigue testing - demonstrate the safety of a drone/propulsion system that is under cyclic loads

Reasons to Perform Endurance Testing

  • Determine the useful life of components
  • Develop a maintenance schedule
  • Improve safety and reliability
  • Gather data for drone certification
  • Create accurate technical documents
  • Select the most dependable components
side view of a brushless motor
side view of a brushless motor

How to Perform a Motor Endurance Test 

  • Open the RCbenchmark software
  • Go to the 'Automatic Control' tab and select the pre-written script, “Custom steps sequence” from the drop-down menu
  • Clone the script and edit the throttle points, hold times, and the number of test cycles
  • Click 'Run' and watch as your data comes in live, then export it to .CSV

Any throttle pattern can be used for endurance testing, such as step, sweep, sinusoidal, flight replay, etc.

Video: How to Perform an Endurance Test

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