Thrust Stands

Increase flight time and efficiency

Our thrust stands measure up to 150 kgf of thrust and 150 Nm of torque, in addition to RPM, current, voltage and efficiency.

Increase your motor and propeller efficiency to fly longer and farther with a heavier payload.

Wind Tunnel Propeller Test

A wind tunnel alternative for drones

Windshapers are composed of individually controlled fans that allow you to create complex wind flows.

They are more affordable and customizable than traditional wind tunnels, and specifically designed for drone and propeller testing.


Our customers share how our tools helped them build drones and achieve performance goals

“The 1780 has been a great piece of equipment. We discovered your low cost sUAS propeller test stand at AUVSI and I think you guys have done an outstanding job bringing this tool to the community. Keep up the great work!”

Robert McSwain

Aerospace Engineer

NASA Langley Research Center


"Having a reliable ready-to-use-out-of-the-box thrust stand solution, like the Series 1585, was critical to meeting our need to test often and quickly iterate on designs in our development of the toroidal propeller."

Dr. Thomas Sebastian

Senior Staff, Structural & Thermal-Fluids Engineering

MIT Lincoln Laboratory


“We've used a lot of other test stands in the past, specifically from China, that haven't gotten very good data which has led to expectations that haven't been met. The Series 1780 was spot on. When we did our very first test flight we flew for 45 minutes, exactly on the money what we were expecting.”

Marc Stollmeyer

Director of Product, Inspired Flight


“We previously used in-house constructed power and thrust stands, but they were far from an ideal solution. Collecting a data set involving both thrust and efficiency was a laborious process. With the 1780, we can get instantaneous thrust and efficiency readings.”

Rob Coatney

Aerospace Engineer

Zepher Flight Labs


"We have just finished our tests with the 1585 - Test bench. Everything went very fine and we are extremely satisfied and content with this test bench. Thank you for all your support!"

Kaspar Von-Wilomsky

Engineer of the City Airbus project

Airbus Helicopters