Software (GUI)


RCbenchmark Software Tutorial

This post contains two getting started videos for the RCbenchmark software. Part 1 - Overview and general use: Transcript Hi I’m Dominic from In this video I will go over the software that is included with our dynamometer. We...

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Linux installation guide

Linux Installation Guide for the RCbenchmark software: 1) Check which version of Linux you are running Run the following command on terminal: uname –m This displays the machine hardware name and indicates, as above, whether your system is 32-bit (“i686”...

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Cache and Migration

  • Can I use the same PC for the Series 1580 and the Series 1780?
  • Can I use another PC for the same stand without redoing the calibration or first-time setup? Can I migrate the data to another computer?
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CSV Output

  • I observed fluctuating sampling rate in my CSV file.
  • I observed missing measurements in my CSV file.


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