Motor Heat Testing

Determine the safe thermal limits of your drone's propulsion system

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Our test stands collect comprehensive temperature data to offer a full picture of your system’s thermal properties.

two motor test stands
series 1780 with motor and temperature probe

What Kinds of Motor Heat Tests Can I Perform?


  • Test climactic limits - determine the maximum environmental temperature for safe operation
  • Endurance test with heat factors - a classic endurance test with a repeating throttle pattern in a warm environment
  • Test operating limits - determine the maximum operating settings your drone can handle before overheating
  • Flight replay with temperature probes - use thermal probes to measure the temperature of different components throughout your flight

Reasons to Perform Motor Heat Testing

  • Determine motor heat limits in the absence of clear documentation
  • Prevent motor overheating and failure
  • Establish safe operating limits
  • Save money by protecting components
  • Optimize flight profiles to based on motor thermal data
brushless motor overheat effect
heat transfer between probe and motor

How to Perform Motor Heat Tests

  • Install your motor and propeller on the test stand
  • Attach up to 3 temperature probes to different areas of the propulsion system, such as the motor, battery or ESC
  • Create a model to estimate the difference in temperature at the heat source vs. at the site of the probe - see page 2 here for an example
  • Open the RCbenchmark software and connect the test stand
  • Design a manual or automated testing protocol that takes your propulsion system through throttle operating points based on real flight data or operating limits
  • Click ‘Run’ and observe as data on your propulsion system comes in, as well as temperature data from the locations of your temperature probes
  • Export the data to .CSV and look for drops in performance to indicate overheating or use the temperature probe data to record safe operating temperatures

Video: Endurance Test with Automated Testing Script

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