windshaper wind tunnel

Windshapers For Drone Testing

Perform free flight tests in your own lab

A Windshaper is a wind tunnel alternative that is fully customizable. With simple commands you can generate wind flows and gusts that simulate real flying conditions.

Possible Tests and Customizations


  • Test
  • Customize
  • Free flight in various wind flows
  • Windshaper size

  • Landing phase optimization
  • Windflow shape and direction

  • Determine turbulence limits
  • Take-off and landing conditions

  • Optimize fixed wing profile
  • Turbulence filters

  • VTOL transitions in flight
  • Convergent to increase wind speed

  • Evaluate waterproofing
  • Tilting system from 0 to 90

WindControl Software

Control each fan individually and create dynamic wind profiles u=f(x,y,t)

Manual control or custom Python scripting

Wind tunnel software
wind tunnel for uav

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