Drone Maintenance
and Quality Testing

Increase reliability, prevent failures and operate at top efficiency

Drone maintenacne test stand

Our thrust stands allow you to track performance changes over time through routine testing.

drone thrust stand
electric motor thrust stand

What Kinds of Tests Can I Perform?

  • Diagnostic test - run tests at scheduled intervals to monitor performance over time
  • Safety test - demonstrate that your drone meets criteria
  • Environmental test - test reliability in different conditions: heat, cold, moisture, etc.
  • Component endurance test - determine the useful life of components before they fail
  • Pass or fail test - check if your motor stays within specifications after X hours of flight time

Why Perform Maintenance and Quality Tests

  • Develop a drone maintenance checklist
  • Standardize your fleet
  • Decrease customer support time
  • Create accurate technical documents
  • Increase the lifespan of batteries, brushless motors and propellers
  • Improve safety and reliability
drone propeller breaking
thrust stand software

How to Perform Maintenance and Quality Tests

1. Set objectives for your test - Diagnostic testing? Safety testing? etc.

2. Open the software and connect your system to your thrust stand

3. In the 'Automatic Control' tab, select a script that aligns with your goals

4. Define throttle points, hold times, and the number of test cycles

5. Click 'Run' and watch as your data comes in live, then export it to .CSV

How to Perform a Motor Ramp Test

Learn how to program a ramp test using the RCbenchmark software.