Thrust Stand Series 1580
Series 1580 Test Stand

Thrust Stand for Drones

2000+ units sold


  • Max thrust
  • 5 kgf

  • Max torque
  • 2 Nm

  • Max voltage
  • 50 V

  • Max current (continuous)
  • 55 A

  • Measurement rate
  • Up to 80 Hz

Software for Data Acquisition & Control

Control your stand manually or automatically

Your thrust stand comes with this quality open-source software. 

Software for propulsion testing
  • Features
  • Manual control
  • Automated control
  • Export data to .CSV
  • UDP Connection
  • Set safety cut-offs
  • Set working units
  • Derived Data
  • Mechanical power
  • Electrical power
  • Propeller efficiency
  • Motor efficiency
  • System efficiency
  • Temperature and airspeed
  • Automated Tests
  • Step test

  • Ramp test

  • Endurance test

  • Determine motor Kv

  • Calculate motor poles

  • + More

Michigan Drone Racing and the Series 1585

"We recently got ahold of our series 1585. The stand and associated software package is as close to plug-and-play as I've seen in the motor-testing world, and we've been really liking the data we've been able to get."
-Noah Brooks, Head of Engineering

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propeller thrust stand and wind tunnel

Test Your Propellers with a Wind Tunnel

Our Windshapers are perfect for testing drones and propellers. Explore the different shapes, sizes and customizations:

What's in the box

The Series 1585 comes with everything you need for your tests: the hardware, load cells, motor mounting plate, calibration kit, screws, tools and electrical components.

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Start Testing Now

With the Series 1585 Thrust Stand

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