Drone Lab Lesson Plans

Learn all about drone propulsion with our motor and propeller labs. These coursewares take you from theory to practice by explaining concepts then demonstrating them with one of our propulsion test stands. Use our Series 1585 thrust stand to test motors and propellers and learn propulsion theory.

The coursewares present students with a practical problem: they are tasked with selecting the motor and propeller that will maximize the flight time of a small drone used to deliver packages. The labs walk the students through the selection process.

Motor Theory Lab

Motor Theory Lab

The Motor Theory Lab covers concepts such as motor efficiency, electromagnetic force, Kirchhoff's laws and how to find motor Kv.

Students will explore these motor concepts:

1. Learn the components of a drone (motor, propeller, motor controller, battery, airframe, payload)

2. Understand how current, voltage and electrical power are related

3. Understand motor efficiency and how to calculate it

4. Learn how to calculate the flight time

Propeller Theory Lab

Propeller Theory Lab

The Propeller Theory Lab discusses propeller aerodynamics and efficiency and how they relate to a drone's flight time.

This lesson will help them understand:

1. How propeller efficiency is affected by pitch, diameter, material, and design

2. How to establish design requirements and assumption

3. Simple static theory (thrust and weight)

4. How to calculate the thrust required for a quadcopter

5. The concepts of torque, rotation speed, and mechanical power

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