Propulsion test stand communicates with software

RCbenchmark Data-Acquisition Software

Included in all our test stand bundles

If you’re a drone designer or component manufacturer, you need to test your system to deliver the most efficient product to your clients.

Our data acquisition software is provided with all of our test stands free of charge. This software allows you to control your test stand, acquire data, and automate your tests. You can download the software for free by clicking the button below.  

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Measure Key Performance Data

RCbenchmark software is made for electric motor and propeller testing

Measured DataData Computed by the Software
ThrustMechanical power
TorqueElectrical power
RPMPropeller efficiency
CurrentMotor efficiency
VoltageSystem efficiency
Servo controls for different propeller pitches

Control Your Stand Manually

Easily control your ECS throttle with a slider

The RCbenchmark software is made so that you can manually control your ESC’s PWM with a slider. You can activate and visualize different plots to see your data changing over time.

Three servo sliders can be used to control the blade pitches of your propellers. The servo ports can be used to plug external devices such as an optical RPM probe or to control the air velocity of a wind tunnel.

Data Export in a .CSV File

Record and export your data with one click

Define the file location where you want your test data to be stored then click the "record" button to log your test in a .csv file. Sampling rates of our test stands:

  • Series 1520: 40 Hz
  • Series 1580: 80 Hz on power sensor, 8 Hz on force sensors
  • Series 1585: 80 Hz
  • Series 1780: 40 Hz
Safety warning in software
Safety cut-off and working units for the thrust stand

Set Your Own Working Units
and Safety Cutoffs

Adaptable, secure, and user-friendly

The RCbenchmark software allows you to easily select the working units that suit your needs. We also offer the option to set safety cutoffs for your test stand for increased security. We perform regular updates to the GUI so that you can have access to all the latest features.

Real-Time Data Plots

Tare your load cells and start testing

The RCbenchmark software GUI allows you to activate different plots to see your data changing in real time. You’ll be able to see the thrust, torque, RPM, and efficiency in real time in both manual and automatic control modes.

Real-time data plots from propulsion test

Automate Your Propulsion Tests

Use the software scripting capability to run any kind of automated test

Endurance test

Set up max. and min. values and perform a ramp test between two values. Define the duration of the ramp and how many times you want to repeat the sequence.

Pass or fail test for quality control

Specify criteria to make sure propellers and motors are within specifications by setting up a simple quality control script. Ex. confirm your propulsion system's max. thrust respects the specifications given on its data sheet.

Find the Kv of your motor

Capture your motor's Rotations Per Minute (RPM) and extract the Kv to compare your results with the figures in the manufacturer's data sheet.

Reproduce drone flight behaviour

Program custom throttle sequences to mimic your motor's Rotation Per Minute fluctuations. You can then reproduce the behaviour of your drone in your laboratory.

Constant thrust

While recording your data, adjust the throttle to aim for a targeted thrust with Proportional Integral Derivative (PID). This test allows you to analyze the performance of your propulsion system for a specific constant thrust over time.

Use your imagination

We provide pre-written scripts, but it’s up to you to create any kind of automated test you want or need. You can directly code in JavaScript in the software to design the test that will suit your specific needs.

Custom script for controlling the thrust stand, step test

Control Your Stand with the Software

Interface your app using a UDP connexion

If you are not comfortable coding in JavaScript and want to use your own software to control your RCbenchmark test stand, this is possible.

A UDP connection can be used to control and automate your tests from the software of your choice. See this video from independent reviewer Tiziano Fiorenzani on how to use a UPD connection.