Propeller Thrust Stands

Find the right propeller for your drone

Propeller Thrust Stands

Find the Most Efficient Propeller

Compare the performance of different propellers to find the right one for your drone.

Test Propellers up to 90"

With a large propeller thrust stand

Propeller performance depends on pitch, diameter, profile, and material.

Testing your propellers will allow you to measure and improve their efficiency.

coaxial propeller test stand
Series 1580 for Propellers up to 16"

Test Propellers up to 16"

With a small propeller thrust stand

Our Series 1580 thrust stand measures up to 5 kgf of thrust. Use it to compare the performance of different propellers.

Tests to Compare Propellers

  • Thrust tests to compare props with different material, pitch, and blade number
  • Measure propeller efficiency at a specific generated thrust
  • Run endurance tests, ramp tests and step tests to simulate different flight situations
  • Test propeller performance in diverse wind conditions with a Windshaper
Propeller efficiency vs thrust graph
dual motor propeller test stand

Test Variable Pitch Propellers

Plug in up to 3 servo motors and test any kind of propeller: two-bladed, three-bladed, fixed, or variable pitch.

You can control the pitch and RPM to study different flight configurations.