Thrust Stands

Find the right propeller for your drone

Propeller Thrust Stands

Finding the Right Propellers for Your Drone

Our tools can help you compare the performance of different propellers to find the right one for your design. We support propellers up to and above 2 meters in diameter.

Test Propellers up to 90"

With thrust stands for measuring propeller thrust and efficiency

Propeller efficiency depends on the pitch, diameter, profile, and material of your propeller. Testing your propellers with a professional test stand will allow you to measure their efficiency and improve your design.

coaxial propeller test stand
Series 1580 for Propellers up to 16"

Series 1580 for Propellers up to 16"

Small thrust stand for propellers

Our Series 1580 test stand is suitable for propellers up to 16" in diameter producing up to 5 kgf of thrust. Compare the performance of different propeller types, sizes, materials, brands, and designs.

Comparing Propellers

Try these tests to help you compare propellers:

• Compare propellers with different materials, pitch, and blade number to see what works best with your motor

• Compare propeller efficiencies at a specific generated thrust

• Run endurance tests, ramp tests and step tests to compare peformance in different flight situations

• Test propeller performance in diverse wind conditions with a Windshaper

Propeller efficiency vs thrust graph
Dual motor propeller test stand

Test Variable Pitch Propellers

With manual or automated testing

Plug in up to 3 servo motors and test any kind of propeller: two-bladed, three-bladed, fixed, or variable pitch. You can control both the pitch and the RPM to study different flight configurations.