Propeller Wind Tunnel Testing

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flight stand pro with motor

What Kinds of Propeller Tests Can I Perform?


  • Propeller vibration test - use measured data and visual cues to evaluate propeller stability
  • Compare the efficiency of different propellers - observe how pitch, blade shape, diameter and material affect propeller efficiency
  • Noise level testing - measure the quantity and nature of noise production from propellers
  • Propeller static thrust test - study your propellers' performance while stationary
  • Compare angles of attack - see how propulsion performance changes with different attack angles from the incoming airflow
  • Fatigue testing - demonstrate the safety of a drone/propulsion system that is under cyclic loads

Our propeller test stands measure thrust, propeller efficiency, vibration and more - key data for comparing different propellers and layouts.

flight stand pro with motor

Reasons to Perform Propeller Wind Tunnel Testing

  • Test your propulsion system in realistic flight conditions
  • Predict the flight behaviour of propellers
  • Practice and evaluate the effects of changes in pitch
  • Design more efficient propellers and propeller configurations
  • Optimize your design for flight over inhabited areas
side view of a brushless motor
side view of a brushless motor

How to Perform a Propeller Wind Tunnel Test 

  • Set up your test stand in a wind tunnel and install the motor and propeller
  • Connect the test stand to the RCbenchmark software on your computer
  • Design a manual or automated testing protocol that takes your propulsion system through predetermined throttle operating points
  • Use smoke or wind visualization technology to see the 3D wind flow topology as it passes through the propeller
  • After the test, export your propulsion data to a .CSV file for further analysis
  • Included in the data is information on thrust and propeller efficiency, which can help you choose the best propeller for your application

Don't have a conventional wind tunnel?

Check out our 2x2 Windshaper station

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2x2 Windshaper for propeller testing

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