Wind Tunnel

Gather propeller and wind speed data simultaneously

Propeller wind tunnel testing station

Our thrust stands measure thrust, efficiency, vibration and more - key data for comparing propellers.

Propeller wind tunnel testing
propeller wind tunnel test stand

What Types of Tests Can I Perform?

  • Vibration test - evaluate propeller stability with data and visual cues
  • Noise level testing - study the quantity and nature of noise produced by propellers
  • Static thrust test - study stationary propeller performance
  • Compare angles of attack
  • Fatigue testing - find the limits of a system under cyclic loads

Why Perform Propeller Wind Tunnel Testing

  • Design more efficient propellers and propeller configurations
  • Test your system in realistic conditions
  • Predict the flight behaviour of propellers
  • Increase safety to prepare for flight over inhabited areas
propeller icing wind tunnel
Propeller wind tunnel test

How to Perform a Propeller Wind Tunnel Test

1. Install your thrust stand in a wind tunnel

2. Connect the thrust stand with the software on your computer

3. Run a manual or automated test with predetermined throttle points

4. Use smoke or wind visualization technology to see how wind interacts with the propeller

5. Export your data to a .CSV file for further analysis of thrust and efficiency

How to Perform Wind Tunnel Propeller Testing

Watch as we test propellers in the wind tunnel at the University of Ottawa.