About Tyto Robotics

Tyto Robotics (formerly RCbenchmark) is a Canadian aerospace company located in Gatineau, Quebec. The company was created by two Master's students from the University of Ottawa in 2014. Since then, the company has grown significantly, offering a full line of products to thousands of customers worldwide.

During their Master’s thesis, Charles and Dominic designed a small reconnaissance drone helicopter. During the design process, they encountered a big challenge: their flight time was very low due to the drone's inefficient propulsion system. In order to improve their helicopter’s performance, they designed a test stand capable of measuring both the thrust and the torque generated by the propeller. They tested different combinations of brushless motors and propellers until they came up with a much better electric propulsion system. The increased efficiency of the drivetrain ended up doubling their flight time!

After their success, many colleagues showed interest in their invention and they realized that UAV designers needed tools like theirs. Tyto Robotics was born a few months later and has since become the world leader in UAV propulsion testing. The company now offers a wide range of professional testing tools for all sizes of UAVs.  Thousands of companies around the world have benefited from their products, from new start-ups to large companies alike.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide drone designers with the best professional testing equipment for optimizing their propulsion systems.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the world leader in safe and efficient propulsion testing for all electric aircraft.

The Team

Charles Blouin

Co-founder, CEO

Dominic Robillard

Co-founder, CTO

Baiyun Tang

Mechanical Designer

Joffrey Ferry


Tony Eriksson


Mélyssa Robillard


Wanda Sellon


Lauren Nagel

TEchnical Marketing Specialist

Ary Quiros


Ammar Mazrui

Lead Generation Specialist

Our Customers

Since 2014, we have sold more than 1000 units of our Series 1580/1585 test stand. In 2016, we released the Series 1780 test stand and we have sold it to more 100 units.

Most of our customers are drone designers share the same dream: make the drone revolution happen and see more electric powered vehicles in the sky.

Our goal is to provide them with the best, professional testing equipment to test and optimize their propulsion systems.

"The 1780 has been a great piece of equipment. I discovered your low cost sUAS propeller test stand at AUVSI and I think you guys have done an outstanding job bringing this tool to the sUAS research and development community. Keep up the great work!"

Robert McSwain
Aerospace Engineer
NASA Langley Research Center


We support multiple UAS competitions across North America such as Unmanned Systems Canada and SAE Aero Design.

It is important for us to see students succeeding as they are the future engineers and scientists who will be at work in the UAS industry.

Our test stands are also very helpful for learning about drone design and propulsion systems in particular. Since we are committed educating on this topic, we have released an Education Kit which allows students to learn more about propeller and electric motor testing.