Brushless Motor Testing

Study motor efficiency and improve performance

50 kgf thrust stand

How to Measure Motor Torque

Measuring torque allows you to determine your motor's efficiency. From there you can find ways to improve performance.

Large Motor Thrust Stands

Measure up to 150 kgf of thrust and 150 Nm Torque

Test large motors in single or coaxial configuration. Validate datasheet specs.

Large Motor Test Stands
Small Drone Test Stand

Small Motor Thrust Stands

Measure up to 5 kgf of thrust and 2 Nm of torque

Test and compare motors to find the best one for your project.

Obtain Key Data

  • Test front-to-front, back-to-back and offset motor configurations
  • Plot motor efficiency against RPM to select the best motor for a specific load
  • Run endurance tests, ramp tests and flight replay tests to better understand your motor
  • Compare different settings to find optimal operating conditions
Electric Motor Test Bench
brushless motor efficiency graph

Compare Motors Online

Our database contains performance data on hundreds of brushless motors, propellers, and ESCs.

Our software allows you to record and upload data directly to the database.