RCbenchmark Electric Motor Test Stands

Improve your electric motor's efficiency and general performance

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Measure Electric Motor Torque

Validate the performance of high-caliber electric motors

Our electric motor test stands are made for motors from 5 A to 500 A and from 5 V to 100 V. Our range of stands supports all kinds of motor mounting points including very large electric motors up to 160 mm in diameter and up to 7 kg in weight. 

Close up on a brushless motor

Increase Brushless Motor Efficiency

Measure up to 5 kgf of thrust and 1.5 Nm of torque 

The RCbenchmark Series 1580/1585 measures torque and derives the efficiency of your motor. It provides professional characterization and helps you to find the optimal propulsion components for your project.

RCbenchmark Series 1585 for Small Motor Tests

Tools for Brushless Motor Testing

Measure up to 75 kgf of thrust, 48 Nm Torque

The RCbenchmark Series 1780 will provide accurate electrical and mechanical power data. You can quickly test various types of brushless motors in order to measure electric power and mechanical power.

You can also test motors in different conditions and configurations to characterize their efficiency and improve performance.  

RCbenchmark Series 1780 for Large Motor Tests
Brushless motors of various sizes
Brushless motor hardware

Electric Motor Test Bench for Quality Control

Run brushless motor endurance tests

Quality control is crucial for reducing support costs and increasing client satisfaction. RCbenchmark test stands can be used in electric motor production lines in order to run and automate quality control tests. The RCbenchmark software allows for the automation of testing processes for precision and repeatability. Example: Running simple pass-fail tests and endurance tests to verify bearing life times.

Discover the RCbenchmark Software

Measure and Compare Electrical Motor Performance

Software and brushless motor database 

Most electric motors are designed to run at specific loads. Overloaded motors can lead to overheating and loss of efficiency. The RCbenchmark software allows you to control your brushless motor test bench and record your data. You can plot your motor's efficiency as a function of its rotation speed in order to select the best motor for a specific load.

Brushless motor efficiency vs. rotation speed graph