Series 1520 thrust stand for small drones

Series 1520 Thrust Stand

Optimize small drone performance

A simple thrust stand with a USB interface and powerful software.
Measures up to 5 kgf of thrust.

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Measure Drone Thrust

Thrust stand for small propulsion systems

The Series 1520 is accurate and reliable. Obtain the critical data you need to enhance your flight performance.

 Maximum Thrust

       5 kgf (11 lbf)

  Maximum RPM

     100,000 RPM

Maximum Voltage

             35 V

Maximum Current

   40 A Continuous

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Series 1520 front view
Series 1520 with brushless motor

Test Brushless Motors

Measure electric motor power consumption

The accurate strain gauge load cell measures up to 5 kgf with ±0.5% tolerance. You will be able to measure:

  • Thrust
  • RPM
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Electrical power
  • Overall efficiency

Software for Data Acquisition & Control

Control your stand manually or automatically

The Series 1520 thrust stand comes with quality open-source software. You can control the stand manually or write scripts for custom automatic testing. 


Measured Data

Derived Data

Manual controlThrustElectrical power
Real-time plottingRPMSystem efficiency
Automated testingCurrent

Data output to .CSV file

Pre-built scripts

Easy Set-Up

The kit has all the components you will need

The hardware is designed for simple installation - just a few minutes of set-up before you are ready to start testing.

The thrust stand comes factory calibrated, but for peace of mind, you can recalibrate the load cell with the precision calibration weight provided.

Series 1520 components

Optical RPM Probe

Characterize motor rotation speed

The Series 1520 Thrust Stand comes with an electrical RPM sensor that is compatible with most motors. The optical RPM probe will provide more accurate rotation speed measurements in certain situations.

We recommend adding the optical RPM probe if your motor has:

  • A Kv rating less than 700
  • Rotation speed > 50,000 RPM
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Optical RPM probe

Product Comparison

Series 1520Series 1580
Typical Use:Thrust performance comparisonFull performance comparison
Thrust, current, voltage, electrical RPM
Software for thrust stand control,
automated testing, and CSV export
Optional Optical RPM Probe
Optional Temperature Probe (up to three)
and Airspeed Sensor
Torque, vibration, mechanical efficiency
and electrical resistance (Ohmmeter)
Calibration hardware
Measures up to 50 V and 55 A

Start Testing

With the Series 1520 Thrust Stand

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Series 1520 rear view