Series 1520 Thrust Stand
Series 1520 Thrust Stand

Optimize small drone performance

Why we are discontinuing the Series 1520 Thrust Stand

We have made the difficult decision to discontinue production of the Series 1520 Thrust Stand. With the increased prices of everything from chips to raw materials, it simply no longer makes sense to keep selling the Series 1520, knowing that we have the similar but enhanced Series 1580 test stand available.
If you're looking for a small thrust stand, we recommend looking into the Series 1580 as an alternative. It is similar in many ways, but it measures torque and thrust whereas the Series 1520 only measured thrust. Measuring torque allows you to get precise calculations of the propeller and motor efficiencies.

Drone thrust measurement


  • Thrust
  • -5 - 5 kgf

  • Voltage
  • 0 - 35 V

  • Current
  • 0 - 40 A

  • Angular Speed
  • 0 - 190k eRPM

Product Comparison

  • Series 1520
  • Series 1580
  • Typical Use:
  • Thrust performance comparison
  • Full performance comparison

  • Thrust, current, voltage, electrical RPM
  • Software for thrust stand control, automated testing, and CSV export
  • Optional Optical RPM Probe
  • Optional Temperature Probe (up to three) and Airspeed Sensor
  • Torque, vibration, mechanical efficiency and electrical resistance (Ohmmeter)
  • Calibration hardware
  • Measures up to 50 V and 55 A

Software for Data Acquisition & Control

Control your stand manually or automatically

Your test stand comes with this quality open-source software. 

Software for propulsion testing
  • Features
  • Manual control
  • Automated control
  • Export data to .CSV
  • Pre-built scripts
  • UDP fonnection
  • Set safety cut-offs
  • Data Acquired
  • Thrust
  • RPM
  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Electrical power
  • Overall efficiency
  • Automated Tests
  • Step test

  • Ramp test

  • Endurance test

  • Determine motor Kv

  • Calculate motor poles

  • + More

What's in the Box

The Series 1520 comes with everything you need for your tests: the hardware, load cells, motor mounting plate, screws, tools and electrical components.

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