Conformity with Quebec's Bill 25 on User Privacy

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Tyto Robotics is committed to responsibly managing personal information in accordance with Quebec's Bill 25. This policy outlines the measures we have implemented to protect personal information, ensure transparency, and fulfill our legal obligations.

Governance of Personal Information: Tyto Robotics may collect the following information for the purpose of contacting you: name and email address, phone number. To provide you with an estimate or shipment, we also require: your physical address.

Consent Rules: We will obtain explicit consent for the collection, communication, or use of personal information, in accordance with the new rules established by Bill 25.

Data Retention and Destruction: Personal information will be destroyed when the purpose of its collection is achieved, unless otherwise required by law. Alternatively, data may be anonymized for legitimate purposes.

Information Obligations Transparency: We are committed to being transparent about our data practices and will provide clear and accessible information to citizens regarding their personal data.

Non-Consensual Disclosure of Personal Information: Personal information may only be disclosed without consent under specific conditions, such as the execution of a contract or mandate, as stipulated by Bill 25.

Communication Outside of the Province: We will adhere to the new rules regarding the communication of personal information outside of Quebec.

Default Privacy Settings: All publicly offered technological products or services will have default settings ensuring the highest level of privacy.

Information Regarding Minors: We will adhere to the new rules regarding the collection of personal information about minors.

Right to Be Forgotten: We respect the right to cease the dissemination, reindexing, or deindexing of personal information.

Personal Information Protection Officer: Lauren Nagel, Marketing Manager, is our Personal Information Protection Officer. You can reach her at:

Our Full Data Collection and Privacy Policy

Tyto Robotics Inc. takes the security of our e-commerce website very seriously. We keep our software up-to-date. All payments made on our site by credit card are processed via proven payment gateways provided by Shopify, PayPal, or Stripe. We never see or store any credit card information as it is handled directly by the payment gateway. Please refer to their respective privacy policies for more details.

Email Address: When you place an order on, your email address is collected to send you a copy of your invoice and a tracking number during the delivery of your purchase. This email address is kept in our database to serve you better. We will never sell or publish your email address to a third party.

Cookies: The majority of our pages use 'cookies' to provide us with vital information on navigation, purchase statistics, entry and exit pages on our website, origins of user traffic, and other metrics. This information allows us to optimize our activities to better serve you. You can disable cookies in your browser, but without them, you will not be able to use our online shopping cart. No personal information is stored within these cookies.

Tracking: Our e-commerce solution uses statistical tracking methods based on Google Analytics.