Series 1585 - Replacement PCB

$ 545.00 USD

This product is the replacement circuit board (PCB) for the RCbenchmark Series 1585.

The Series 1585 PCB features:

– Accelerometer
– Ohmmeter (0.003 – 240 Ohm)
– Load cell connectors (3)
– PWM output port (4)
– Optical probe input (servo 1 port)
– USB connector port (1)
– Power connections (0-50 V, 55 A)
– Onboard 5V power supply to the optical RPM probe
– Up to 80 Hz sample rate for all sensors
– Temperature probe connectors (3)

Note: you can use it to build your thrust stand or data logger that uses our software and electronics. You need to supply your load cell and mounting hardware. We do not provide custom thrust stand or dynamometer support.

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