Inspired Flight Finds the Most Powerful Motor

"Hi my name is Marc Stollmeyer. I'm the director of product here at Inspired Flight. This is our brand new IF1200a product we're just releasing here at the AUVSI Xponential show.

We designed this vehicle with a lot of different tools, one of them being the Tyto Robotics 1780 test stand. We were able to test these motors find out which one was the most powerful which one was the most efficient and that allowed us to get industry-leading flight time performance out of this vehicle.

We've used a lot of other test stands in the past, specifically from China, that haven't gotten very good data which has led to poor expectations that haven't been met.

This one was spot on when we did our very first test flight we flew for 45 minutes exactly on the money what we were expecting."

Marc Stollmeyer
Director of Product at Inspired Flight

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