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In June of 2023, Scorpion Power Systems purchased a Flight Stand 15 and a Series 1580 thrust stand from our Asian distributor, Aeroer. The thrust stands were purchased to aid with Scorpion’s development and optimization of their new BLDC motors, and also for their new line of FOC ESCs.

Scorpion Power System is well known for their Helicopter and Airplane motors and ESCs, but have just started releasing an all new series of Motors and ESCs specifically for Industrial Multirotors.  They have thus far used the stand primarily for the development of their new IM-Series Motors (Industrial Multirotor), and Legatus (FOC) ESC.

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Here’s a few words from Kyle Dahl, Director at Scorpion Power System LTD. on how they were able to use the Flight Stand and Series 1580 in each phase of development:

Motor Development

“The new Thrust stands have been vital to our development of our new motors. When prototyping, we can make several samples of the same motor size, changing only minor variations to the design. Changing some variables by only a few %, and then testing them to find the most optimally suited variation. Without precise measuring equipment, the variations would not be distinguishable.

But due to the Tyto Thrust stands, we can map the entire power curve of the motor, and look for every % of improvement in the system. In this way, and by choosing the optimal characteristics of each variation, we can end with a motor design which has a net improvement of several % to efficiency and power.

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ESC Development

Starting back over 3.5 years ago, we began development of our FOC ESC design. This took so long to bring to the market, because we saw several disadvantages and issues with the standard chip set FOC algorithm which most use. So, we decided to make our own FOC algorithm completely from scratch. This was an incredibly difficult undertaking, but we had made great progress.

Having full control over the algorithm we found we could tune the system to operate in a “efficient, but less powerful way” or a “less efficient, but more powerful way”. But the issue we ran into was to know for use in multirotor, what was better? Obviously, efficiency is important. But if we can increase power capability this unlocks higher payload capabilities and expanded use case applications.

By using the Tyto Thrust stand, we were able to map precisely the efficiency and torque curve of both algorithms. By finding the intersection of the 2 variations, we were able to unlock “the best of both worlds”.

We made a new algorithm which at the lower and mid-range power levels (like in the hovering situation of a multirotor), it uses the most efficient drive algorithm.But towards the end of the power curve (peak thrust levels for drone control or emergency situations) it shifts to the higher torque algorithm.

By doing this we have a FOC ESC which has 4%-5% better peak efficiency AND 10%-20% higher top end torque / thrust. We have jokingly named this “turbo mode”, but we are very proud of the accomplishment, and without the Tyto Thrust stand such an improvement would not have been possible.

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Power System Customization / Optimization

In addition to our development with the drone motors and ESCs, we have also been able to already use the stands to assist our customers with choosing the most optimal power systems for their applications. We have already helped 2 of our high-profile customers choose the most optimal motor/ ESC / Prop combination for their specific application.

By choosing the best sized components for these customers we were able to improve their efficiency by 4%-8%, and top end thrust by 20% -30% from their baseline performance results. We are happy to have the tools to do this, and look forward to assisting more and future customers in the same way.”

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Kyle Dahl
Director at Scorpion Power System LTD.
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