bldc motor tester
electric motor test bench

Our Motor Test Equipment Measures:

Comes in 4 Different Sizes:

series 1580 thrust stand for small drones

Series 1585

Thrust: 5 kgf

Torque: 2 Nm

Voltage: 50 V

Current: 55 A

uav thrust test stand

Flight Stand 15

Thrust: 15 kgf

Torque: 8 Nm

Voltage: 180 V

Current: 150 A

brushless motor test bench

Flight Stand 50

Thrust: 50 kgf

Torque: 30 Nm

Voltage: 180 V

Current: 300 A

evtol test stand

Flight Stand 150

Thrust: 150 kgf

Torque: 150 Nm

Voltage: 180 V

Current: 500 A

Testing Software is Included

Control your test bench manually or automatically

brushless motor tester

With Advanced Features

for professional use cases

1000 Hz sampling rate

Measure vibration, evaluate ESC responsiveness, and characterize the dynamic response of motors and propellers

ASTM calibrated load cell

We adhere to ASTM E74/E2428 standards to provide the most precise measurement on the market (+/-0.5% of the measured value)

I/O API and Python control

I/O API to read and control extra sensors, CAN ESCs, and more.Fully control the software using Python.

drone thrust stand

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