Drone Test Stands for
UAV Development

Testing your propulsion system can help you fly longer and farther

drone test stand
Small Drone Test Stand

Small Drone Test Stands

For small and medium drones under 20 kg (44 lb)

The Series 1580 test stand works with small and medium sized quadcopters to test up to 5 kgf of thrust and 2 Nm of torque.

Large Drone Test Stands

Measure up to 150 kgf and 150 Nm of torque

Our larger test stands are designed to test propulsion systems generating 15 to 150 kgf of thrust. For heavy lift drones, eVTOL and other large electric aircraft.

150 kgf thrust stand
dual motor thrust stand

Coaxial Drone Testing

For more realistic results

Many multicopters use overlapping or coaxial rotors in their design, so the best practice is to perform tests in this same configuration.

Our software allows you to characterize the motors and propellers individually as well as the general performance of the system.