RCbenchmark Test Stands

Test your UAV propulsion system

Tyto Robotics offers a range of RCbenchmark test stands for testing brushless motors, propellers, ESCs and batteries for any UAV development.

Our solution includes both the test stand and the RCbenchmark software, which controls the stand manually or automatically through custom scripts.

Data is acquired and viewable in real-time with the software's GUI, then can be exported in a .csv file for analysis. 

Measured DataDerived Data
ThrustMechanical power
TorqueElectrical power
CurrentPropeller efficiency
VoltageMotor and ESC efficiency
RPMSystem efficiency
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Series1780 test stand

RCbenchmark Series 1780 Single Motor

The RCbenchmark Series 1780 thrust stand single-motor allows you to measure up to 75 kgf of thrust and 48 Nm of torque for a single motor-propeller system. It allows for the characterization and optimization of single-rotor UAV propulsion system. 

Thrust RatingTorque RatingElectrical Power Rating
25 kgf12 Nm60 V/ 100 A
40 kgf18 Nm60 V/ 150 A
75 kgf48 Nm100 V/ 500 A
Series1780 coaxial test stand

RCbenchmark Series 1780 Coaxial

The RCbenchmark Series 1780 Coaxial allows you to measure up to 150 kgf of thrust and 96 Nm of torque produced by a two-propeller system. This tool is built to characterize and optimize coaxial-rotor UAV propulsion system.

Thrust RatingTorque RatingElectrical Power Rating
50 kgf24 Nm60 V/ 100 A
80 kgf36 Nm60 V/ 150 A
150 kgf96 Nm100 V/ 500 A
Series 1585 test stand

RCbenchmark Series 1580/1585

The RCbenchmark Series 1580 and 1585 thrust stands allow you to measure up to 5 kgf of thrust and 1.5 Nm of torque. They are designed to help optimize propulsion system for small and medium sized UAVs. The Series 1585 has a higher measurement rate for more precise optimization. 

Series 1580Series 1585
5 kgf of thrust5 kgf of thrust
1.5 Nm of torque1.5 Nm of torque
8 Hz80 Hz