Series 1520 - Optical RPM Probe V2.2

$ 28.00 USD

Accurately and reliably measure motor rotation speed with this optical RPM probe. 

This probe is compatible with the RCbenchmark Series 1520. For the Series 1580, you will need the 1580 optical RPM probe kit

Depending on the width of your motor, you can adjust the position of the optical RPM probe with a combination of spacers.

The RCbenchmark Series 1520 comes with an electrical RPM probe that may or may not be compatible with your motor/ESC/voltage combination. This probe is an alternative for situations where the electric probe does not meet your specific needs.


This product includes:

  • M5 screw 30 mm (2)
  • M5 washer (2)
  • Spacer 11/64’’ long (2)
  • Spacer 9/32’’ long (2)
  • Spacer 7/32’’ long (2)  
  • Optical RPM probe v2.2 (1)
  • Servo extension 20 cm female to female (1)
  • 2’’ reflective tape (1)
  • 1520 optical RPM probe kit installation instructions (1)

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