Series 1580 - Optical RPM Probe V2.2

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You can buy the Series 1520 optical probe kit as a replacement (it is compatible with the Series 1580), but the L-bracket will be missing.

Accurately measure motor rotation speed with this optical probe.

The V2.2 optical RPM probe comes with an aluminum corner bracket, which can help adjust the position of the optical RPM probe. This probe also has improved accuracy and reliability compared to previous versions.

Use this optical probe if the electrical probe provided with your Series 1580 is not compatible with your motor/ESC/voltage combination. This probe is an alternative for situations where the electric probe does not meet your specific needs.


This product includes:

  • M4 low-profile screw 12 mm (2)
  • M4 screw 10 mm (2)          
  • M4 washer (4)                  
  • M4 nut (4)    
  • Optical RPM probe v2.2 (1)                     
  • Servo extension 20 cm female to female (1)           
  • Aluminum corner bracket (1)    
  • 2’’ reflective tape (1)
  • Installation manual (1)

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