Series 1780 - Calibration Checker Bar

$ 195.00 USD

The calibration checker kit helps you check the calibration of your Series 1780 load measurement unit. With this tool and the RCbenchmark software, you will be able to validate that the torque and thrust measurements are within specifications. This is especially useful after an impact on the load cell, or after one year of use.

This tool kit includes: 

  • Calibration checker bar with levelling bubble
  • 1 kg standard weight of tolerance class M
  • M4 x 8 mm socket head screw (2)

To use the tool, you will need to remove the optical probe from the motor mounting plate on the RCbenchmark Series 1780 and fix the calibration checker bar with the provided M4 fasteners. Once installed, you will open the RCbenchmark software and run the verification following the instructions printed on the bar. See high resolution picture.

The verification result will confirm that your load measurement unit is in good condition, or that it requires a re-calibration. If a unit re-calibration is required, please contact us for a quote.


  • This is not a tool for calibration. The full calibration procedure requires more complex hardware for a full 6 axis calibration. You will still need to ship the load measurement unit back to the Tyto Robotics facility for further inspection, re-calibration or repair.
  • This checker kit can only be used on Series 1780 V2 Dynamometers

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