Series 1780 - Motor Mounting Plate

$ 125.00 USD

The motor mounting plate is a key mechanical component of the RCbenchmark Series 1780, required to mount your motor onto the thrust stand.

There are two types of motor mounting plates on the Series 1780:

  • General motor mount (SKU#: ETHR): with 15 mm center hole, comes with the Series 1780 package. Example motors: Xoar TA110, T-motor U15.
  • XLCH motor mount (SKU#: LXMF): with 30 mm center hole, which supports extra large shafts or cables cable behind the motor. Example motors: Xoar TA130, KDE7215.

You can purchase extra motor mounting plates in order to reduce the time required to change motors or setups between tests. Please note that for a coaxial system, you may need two motor mounting plates.

This product includes the metal part only.

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