maxon Uses RCbenchmark Tools for Drone Development

Drones have enormous potential in the areas of inspection, agriculture, security, and delivery services. The market is young and highly dynamic, with lots of competition from new startups and established players alike. maxon, a company that has been offering drive solutions in the heart of Switzerland for over 50 years, decided to take an active role in this market.

Following the industry’s initial ventures and a few high-profile crashes, the requirements placed on UAVs and their components increased. Since then, the market has been increasingly driven  by regulations, reliability, certification and traceability of parts. maxon is one company with the necessary high-quality drives and knowledge to develop specialized drone motors to meet these requirements.

In 2019, maxon constructed several motor prototypes with matching electronic speed controllers for special projects. Since then, many tests have been carried out in the laboratory with the RCbenchmark Series 1780, leading to motor designs being revised and improved. New drives for customer projects (e.g. Flybotix) are currently in development with the help of the RCbenchmark Series 1585 and 1780.

In the drone market, the motor is not the only thing that matters. What is far more important is the perfect interplay of BLDC motors, motor controllers and matching propellers. That is the only way to get the most out of the system in terms of thrust and energy efficiency.

The RCbenchmark software allows you to easily and intuitively perform thrust stand measurements. Implementation of custom test sequences and convenient output of measured data significantly simplifies data analysis and interpretation. Additionally, with a very uncomplicated and fast customer support, RCbenchmark greatly supports the efficient development of drone propulsion systems.


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