Circuit Failure

​1​. Applicable products

  • RCbenchmark Series 1520 Thrust Stand
  • RCbenchmark Series 1580 Thrust Stand and Dynamometer
  • RCbenchmark Series 1585 Thrust Stand and Dynamometer

2​. What describes your problem?

Please find within the following table what describes your problem. Once selected, mark down the troubleshooting points to follow.

Scope table

 Problem specific troubleshooting

3.1​ I found a broken connector on the PCB

  • Please take a picture of the broken connector on the PCB and send it with a copy of the original product invoice to

3.2​ I found a burnt component on the circuit

  • A burnt component is mainly caused by the overcurrent on the circuit
  • If you find this issue on your circuit, please contact us with a copy of the original product invoice to The overcurrent is not covered under warranty. You can also purchase a replacement circuit at our online store,

4​. Problems persist?

We support all issues related to the measurement tools itself, and we can provide limited support regarding your test setup and power-train selection. If you need extended support for your specific tests, manufacturing facility or UAV, contact us at We offer extended support contracts including phone and video conferences at affordable rates.

To obtain a solution to your problem faster, please indicate which troubleshooting steps you have already done. Also, include the debug log from the software. If relevant, please also include a screenshot or pictures of the issue.