Tyto Robotics is WindShape's New Distributor

Gatineau, Canada: WindShape Ltd has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Tyto Robotics. The goal of the partnership is to give wider audiences access to WindShape’s custom wind generation technology (the “WindShaper”), designed to enhance drone testing methods for improved safety and reliability.

windshaper for drones

WindShape was founded in 2016 in Geneva by two alumni from the Haute Ecole Spécialisée de Suisse occidentale (HES-SO). The WindShaper technology was conceived as a solution to many drone testing problems, including management of the testing environment and experiment replicability. This revolutionary solution facilitates free flight testing and provides an alternative to traditional wind tunnels. The partnership with like-minded Tyto Robotics aims to expand the availability of this technology to the aerospace sectors in Canada and the USA.

The WindShaper itself can be flat or curved, small or large, tiltable, and can include add-ons such as convergence layers and turbulence filters. Each individual fan in a WindShaper is independently controlled through an online GUI or custom scripting through a Python 3.x control API. 3D wind flow programming allows the user to simulate any wind environment, including turbulence, obstacles, gusts and landing conditions. 

Windshape technology for drone

As the exclusive North American distributor, Tyto Robotics will help clients to conceive and design their wind testing facility, a highly customized task due to the modular construction of the wind generators.

The partnership comes at an ideal time as more countries commit to supporting drone innovation and infrastructure. WindShape wind facilities will play an important role in this evolution for research institutions and private businesses alike, with increased growth thanks to this new distribution agreement.


About Tyto Robotics

Tyto Robotics is a Canadian aerospace company specializing in the development of professional testing tools for drone characterization. Founded in 2014, the company manufactures several varieties of test stands that fully characterize brushless motors and propellers for drones and eVTOL aircraft. The test equipment and software precisely measure thrust, torque, power and efficiency so that drone designers can optimize their propulsion systems for maximum performance. Thousands of companies across the globe have benefited from Tyto Robotics’ products, including NASA, Airbus, Volansi and numerous prestigious research institutions.https://tytorobotics.com/

About WindShape Ltd

WindShape develops indoor weather simulation technology to test, validate and certify drones under controllable and repeatable flight conditions. Founded in 2016 in Switzerland, the company invented an innovative wind generator, called WindShaper, capable of generating an infinite variety of wind profiles through thousands of wind pixels (fans). With its open test section design, this technology allows for the study of drones in free flight, while monitoring their behaviour and evaluating their performance in a variety of conditions, including gusts, rain and even snow. WindShape’s goal is to enhance current drone testing and certification capabilities to enable autonomous and scalable applications.www.windshape.com

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