VisionPlus Distributes Tyto Tech in Korea

Seongnam, South Korea: Tyto Robotics has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with VisionPlus Co., Ltd., a South Korean company specializing in sourcing of manufacturing equipment. The agreement grants VisionPlus the sole distribution rights for Tyto Robotics (formerly RCbenchmark) drone testing products in South Korea.

The main business areas of VisionPlus Co., Ltd. include Test & Measurement equipment, Renewable Energy and Motor and Bearing Performance. The company has over 12 years of experience offering international products to the South Korean market, helping domestic manufacturers grow and thrive. Tyto Robotics’ products will further this objective and complement their current selection of aerospace and drone focused products.

The timing of the partnership is ideal as the South Korean drone industry is undergoing rapid expansion thanks to innovation in the private sector and government investment. In May of 2020, the Act for Promoting Drone Usage came into effect, clarifying drone regulations and outlining opportunities for market development in South Korea. This drone-friendly environment is ideal for the distribution of Tyto Robotics products, which are specifically designed to help with drone development and optimization.

The agreement promises to be beneficial for both companies, stimulating the aerospace sectors in South Korea and Canada. For product inquiries in South Korea, interested parties can For other product inquiries or

Tyto Robotics is a Canadian aerospace company located in Gatineau, Quebec.Thousands of companies around the world have benefited from their products, from new start-ups to large companies alike. They are the world leader in UAV propulsion testing.

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