Series 1580 Datasheet and Manual

Series 1580 Manual

Series 1580 Datasheet

Before the Installation

Please make sure that the motors and propellers that are going to be tested are within the official specifications of the tool as detailed in the datasheet. You can also check the dimensions of the universal motor mount and the general dimensions of the tool. Not certain if you need the Series 1520 or the Series 1580? You can check our comparison table.


Assemble the device and install your motor and ESC as explained in the manual.

RCbenchmark software instructions

Software Installation

Install the software here and connect the tool to the computer. Don’t forget to run the calibration utility in the setup tab! Your operating system should install the drivers automatically. If you are having problems, please check our article about driver installation.

If you want to automate tests for repeatability and reduced testing time, you can modify the included scripts and use the API documentation (see in the software for details). We have video tutorials explaining how to use the software and how to use scripts on the software download page.

RCbenchmark software instructions 2