Distributed Electric Propulsion Testing Datasheet


DEP Testing up to 15 kgf Datasheet

DEP Testing up to 50 kgf Datasheet

DEP Testing up to 150 kgf Datasheet


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Before the Installation

The test environment should be designed so that even in the event of a catastrophic failure of the motor, propeller, ESC, tool, or ground fixture, no operator or bystander will be harmed. Use physical barriers. Safety first! 


Important notes:

  • Hand tightened the M8 connector for the Force Measurement Unit firmly. A loose connector can lead to disconnections during a test.
  • Use lock-tight and a torque wrench on all screws, including on your own equipment if possible. Vibrations can lead to loose screws and rapid unintended disassembly.

Several installation possibilities are demonstrated on this page. Note: the metal frame is not included.


Download and instructions are here.

Watch tutorials on how to use the software here.